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The BBPCS exists primarily to assist the collector of single playing cards from packs which promote the following categories:

bullet Breweries, beers, public houses, hotels, wines & spirits, etc. issued by British Breweries or their agents.
bullet British bottling companies
bullet Beers brewed in the UK under licence from foreign breweries, e.g. Budweiser, Castlemaine, Stella, etc.

It achieves this aim in the following ways:

bullet By purchasing packs, part packs and single cards, from outside sources, and redistributing them, via a sales list, to the membership.
bullet Secondly by the medium of two catalogues (one depicting the first two categories and the other the third) which illustrate in black & white well over fifteen hundred different examples of cards fitting the above classifications, thereby letting the collector know what is available and most importantly what it looks like.
bullet Thirdly by way of a newsletter issued three times a year, which acts as a means of communication between fellow collectors, thereby allowing them to buy, sell and exchange.
bullet Lastly by having a presence at many of the major UK and European collectors fairs.

Membership entitles you to the catalogues, a regular update package giving details of additions and changes, and a newsletter containing details of BBPCS meetings, advertisements and matters of general interests to card collectors.

Having made the point that we are a Society which caters mainly for the collectors of single cards promoting brewery related products we also stock packs (both brewery and other categories) and have available thousands of single cards advertising products such as tobacco, whisky, shipping, airlines, commercial institutions, non-alcoholic drinks, miscellaneous trades and products, etc. etc.

If you are interested in joining the Society and want to find out more, or you have cards you wish to sell that you think may be of interest to us, then please contact me (e-mail, telephone or write) to the address below.

Mike Johnson,
65 Chandlers,
Orton Brimbles,
PE2 5YW,

Tel: +44 (0)1733 239585


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